Office sessions are offered in my Overland Park, Kansas home. Sessions generally last an hour and include a brief check-in to review outcome of previous healing and review events since the last session. These sessions can be predominantly energy work either at the table or chair or can be customized to include other supportive interventions. These include:

Spiritual and Nutritional Counseling

Energy Field Education 

Individualized Energy-Based Tools

In some cases a four-day intensive program may be recommended. This is an individually designed program based on your history. It will create a container of energy and provide a momentum for healing. Some circumstances that can benefit from this include:

Suffered a trauma that has impacted your ability to function
An acute or chronic illness that does not improve with ongoing

medical treatment
Depression/anxiety that has reached the limits of psychotherapy and medical treatment
Life event that has made daily function difficult or impossible
Pre-/post-surgical care


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