I was severely injured 10 years ago as a pedestrian in an auto accident. Kim's energy work helped me stabilize and correct the misalignments that resulted. She has also helped me with some nasty infections that were related to this trauma in several ways, as well as eased the mental aspects of this same trauma.

-Doug A.

Kim has the unique ability to combine her intuition, her ancestry and her years of study to perceive what is causing challenges to my health. She has been instrumental in helping me recognize core areas of dis-ease in my body and suggests effective solutions to correct those health challenges. She is truly a gifted healer.

-Wendy S.


Kim has many traits that are ideally suited in a healer: she's caring, warm, compassionate, empathetic and very open with her communication. The setting for her therapy sessions is also nurturing and inviting—conducive to the aims of bringing about a positive healing shift in her patients. Kim is intrinsically gifted with the ability to sense what is going on in the body; to personally feel, as the patient is feeling in their state, is what she does time and again. Having struggled myself over the years with chronic fatigue, candida and other forms of toxicity, I find it reassuring that Kim has also faced similar battles in her own life and triumphed using the very approach that she provides to those seeking her care. I highly recommend her services to anyone in a chronic state of illness and dis-ease and to anyone who has faced trauma (both physical or emotional) in their own life. Kim has the tools to bring about profound change in you.

-Benjamin Chambers D.C.

Kim has spent her life in self-discipline and nurturing her gifts. She has studied for many years and traveled far and wide to gain her education. Her skills and abilities have taught many others and me how to see, hear, feel and understand things in higher ways. She has taught me how to find balance, strength and wisdom within myself. She has done this in a spirit of service, avoiding the temptation to turn the spotlight on herself and always, always recognizing and verbally thanking God in every process. She would be the first to insist that I have not learned anything from her, but that it is God that has taught me.

-Carol W.