Simply put an Energy Healer is someone who acts as a conduit for divine energy that is used to correct blocks in the flow of the patients energy. In the Ayurvedic and Chinese medicine systems, the energy field is believed to activate all biochemical processes. 
The Calling to Serve
The energy a healer uses comes from one source, God. Because the energy comes from Source, it is All Intelligent and All Knowing and has the capacity to change anything. The healer's authority is a gift of the Holy Spirit. Each healer receives this gift in a unique and personal way, often as a profound spiritual experience, that leaves one with a desire to serve and honor the gift. As the Holy Spirit works through the healer others will grow closer to knowing the truth that they are a being of Love.
Training: Accepting the Call
The capacity to act as a conduit is dependent upon the healer's clarity of mind and openness of heart. The gift needs to be shaped and so the “training” begins. Techniques are learned, theory is assimilated, various states of consciousness expand, faith deepens and subtle perception of energy develops. What starts as an education in one of the many schools that offer training for energy healers, rapidly expands to and becomes essentially an inner personal and spiritual journey to clean up “the instrument”. This is a process... a life process for those dedicated to this type of service. We are all works in progress.
Though I am by faith and ordination a Christian, I have studied many spiritual traditions, seeking truth. Only one God exists. All spiritual faiths, traditions and beliefs are welcome!
2 Timothy 2:21: “So whoever cleanses himself will be a vessel set apart and useful for honorable and noble purposes, consecrated and profitable to the Master, fit and ready for any good works.”

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