The Nervous System, Energy and Consciousness: A Path for Spiritual Growth

The nervous system is the bridge between consciousness, our spirit and our body. Consciousness or spirit enters into embodiment by descending from the crown of the head downwards through the spinal cord and into the extremities of the body. This has been called the described in many mystical traditions as the "pathway of descent.”

It is illustrated as well in the cephalo-caudal (head-to-tail) direction seen in embryological development. Ontogeny not only recapitulates phylogeny (1), it also recapitulates the direction of incarnation!

When our consciousness is able to be fully anchored in our nervous system, by virtue of our nervous system being fully open to energy flow from head to feet, we are most capable of bringing our soul's path into our lived life. If the nervous system is how our spirit connects to our matter we can better "make our spirit matter" by being fully in our nervous system. 

In other words, we truly manifest our spirit in our concrete life.

Another benefit of anchoring consciousness in the body through the nervous system is in helping one to hold energy longer from energy therapy sessions. We have discovered that energy fields will not hold cohesion where there is little real conscious awareness in the body. It is the nervous system that carries consciousness into matter and into the physical body. If our nervous system is not filled, open and carrying energy, the auric field will not stay around those body areas that lack awareness despite efforts by the healer to "fill the field.”

As the nervous system fills out and we are more energetically connected into ourselves, the energetic field will better hold coherency and our auric field will stay filled up longer, along with the organs and body areas involved. From this fuller experience of one's self comes the greater capacity to feel the divine connection that carries us forward in our spiritual development.

(1) Ontogeny recapitulates phylogeny is a phrase from biological science which refers to the way in which embryonic development (ontogeny) repeats evolutionary development (phylogeny) going through stages of single celled organism through fish- and reptile-like phases to the mammalian result of human beings.


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