About Me

My Philosophy on Energy Healing

Energy healing offers a unique way to tap into and learn from our innate wisdom. The energy for this is from one source, God. This energy is All Intelligent and All Knowing.
Energy healing is capable of deep transformation that produces the fruits of physical vitality and radiance, along with spiritual fruits of love, peace, joy and contentment.
Balancing the needs of Body, Mind and Spirit is a proactive way to live a healthy life. Through this process, you will gain new insights and tools for every level of your being and the energy necessary to incorporate them.  

Besides, life just goes better with more energy! 

Educational Summary

My family has been on the cutting edge of healing modalities for three generations. This legacy is one of the sustaining foundations of my knowledge and wisdom.

My Danish grandparents, a naturopathic doctor and a physiotherapist, immigrated to the United States at the turn of the century and were part of the Battlecreek Sanitarium, an innovative health resort in Michigan during the late 1800’s.

My father and uncle, who continued the family healing tradition as chiropractors, brought with them a type of energy therapy that is still used today in many countries. Both generations incorporated the philosophy of food as medicine and the use of supplements for regaining vitality and health.

It was at the side of my grandmother in the family clinic that I began to learn the art and application of spiritually directed intuition and the importance of spiritual nourishment—the basis of all sustained healing.

It was, simply, a way of life.

Formal Education

Core Star School of Healing: A model based on Barbara Brennan School of Healing.  Three years.

Healing Light Center Church: Reverend Rosalyn L. Bruyere, an internationally recognized healer, teacher and medical intuitive. Eight years.

Pathways For Healing: Nervous system energy work.  Three years.

Spiritis Church: A nondenominational church of Christ. Two years. Ordained 2007.

Casa de Dom Inacio: Home of John of God and spiritual healing center in Abadiania, Brazil. Extended visits since 2000. Recognized as a medium of the Casa 2010.

Areas of Study
Applications of Energy Healing in Medical Settings
Chakra and Energy Field Assessment
Complex and Simple Patterns Locked in the Nervous System
Nervous System Integration as Method for Spiritual Development 
Food as Medicine ♦
Ancient Mystery School Rites
International Shamanic Practices
Medicine Wheel, a tool for addiction recovery
Pre-Buddhist Tibetan Bon-Po Ways ♦
 Sacred Geometry